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Yes Kisan Dairy Plus


India has emerged as the world’s largest milk producer, accounting for around 17% of the global milk production with an estimated production of 132.4 million tonnes during 2012-13, making the dairy sector the largest contributor to the agricultural GDP. Thus it is estimated that the dairy sector has generated revenues worth over INR 4.63 thousand crore in FY 12-13, assuming an average consumer price of INR 35 per litre. Given the dairy sector’s importance in rural employment and revenue generation, YES BANK extended a complete range of financial products to dairy farmers under the aegis of YES Kisan Dairy Plus.


Through YES Kisan Dairy Plus, farmers are now able to directly experience the services of a formal financial institution, a first-of-its-kind experience for many of them. The Bank has developed a system wherein it can immediately credit the payment for milk procured in the farmer’s account, (wherever a dairy processor has installed advanced automated milk testing machinery), based on data provided. In addition to the instant milk payment it also offers Basic Saving Account (BSA) with 7%* interest and ATM-cum-Debit Card, free unlimited withdrawals on any bank’s ATM, lean season Over-draft (LSOD) facility, unlimited deposit/withdrawals at YES BANK’s specially deployed YES SAHAJ hand held device.


For More Information Log On To: https://www.yesbank.in/business-banking/agri-food-business/programmes/yes-kisan-dairy-plus

Applications For Loan Under Promotion Of Dairy Enterprenuership Scheme


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(i) Purchase of good quality high milk cows/buffaloes with minimum average daily milk yield of 6.5 litres or exotic cross bred cow. Animals at the time of advance should not preferably be in more than second lactation. However, relaxation in deserving cases may be given by Incumbents for one more lactation. In no case the animals financed should be in more than their third lactation.
(ii) Construction of shed(s) for keeping the animals.
(iii) Purchase of dairy machinery or other equipments of dairy business in case the activity is run on commercial lines and as main occupation.
(iv) In case where the borrower(s) is/are not capable of providing fodder for the animals maintained by them, he/she/they may be extended additional need based credit facility for purchase of fodder and other feeds for 3 months from the date of purchase of the milch animals. This may also be given term loan which is to be recovered with the instalments of milch animals.
(v) Cost of transportation of animal from cattle market, if any, and insurance premium may also be considered for bank financing along with cattle.
Characteristics and qualities of good quality high yielding milch animals and some of technical aspects and pointers for good cattle management are given in Appendix-I.
(vi) Composite loans may be given for purchase of milch cattle and one month concentrate feed requirements as also for cultivation of fodder crops in integrated manner. This will ensure proper feeding of the animals on the one hand and propagating mixed farming on the other hand, thus enhancing farm productivity leading to more incremental income to the borrower(s) enabling him/her/them to repay bank loan regularly.
(i) Individual borrowers undertaking dairying as subsidiary activity:
(a) The intending borrower(s) should be having experience in maintenance of milch animals.
(b) He should be landless agricultural labourer or farmer/any individual who has arrangements for supply of adequate quantity of fodder.
(c) Activity should be economically viable.
(d) He should have shed/accommodation for keeping the animals or should have adequate space for constructing the shed for keeping the animals.
(ii) Individual borrowers undertaking commercial dairy as main activity:
(a) Borrower(s) should be well experienced in running a dairy farm on commercial basis intending to undertake dairying as his main vocation/business.
(b) He must have accommodation for maintenance of animals or suitable space for construction of shed should be available with the applicant on which shed could be constructed.
(c) Applicant should have arrangements for growing/storage of feeds, fodder and concentrates.
(d) Project report should be submitted by the applicant which should indicate the techno-economic viability, marketing arrangements, infrastructure, etc.
Need-based loan should be provided. A unit of 2 milch animals is considered viable minimum size for such an activity for continuous production of milk. Cost of the milch animals should be in conformity with the unit cost approved by NABARD from time to time.
4. Margin Norms:
For production credit and/or Investment Credit:
Amount of Loan Margin
i) Upto Rs.1,00,000/- NIL
ii) Above Rs. 1,00,000/ to Rs.2 lakh 5%
iii) Above Rs.2 lakh to Rs 5 Lakh 10%
iv) Above Rs 5 Lakh 25%
7. RATE OF INTEREST: 11.60% TO 12.85% (Terms and Conditions follows)
Above are only salient features of the scheme. For details please contact nearest branch
More Information At   https://www.upgb.com/DAIRY_LOAN.aspx
Emerging Markets Business Loan
In India, we have diverse regional and local pockets that have become business and manufacturing hubs. That’s why at Reliance Money, we have identified unique geographies across India with more than 100 economic activities and customised our business loans based on each segments to make them self-reliant.
For instance, Meerut has agriculture -traders as well as dairy value chain and sports good businesses, while Cooch Behar has home grown jewellery and hardware businesses. At Reliance Money we have crafted business loans for the unique needs of these businesses.
So whether you are a regional warehouse owner or a part of dairy, agriculture or textile value chain, if you are an SME & seek a term loan for your growing business, talk to us and find how you can become self-reliant.
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Dairy Loans By Canara Bank


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J&K Grameen Bank Dairy Loan Scheme
• Enhance production and marketing of clean milk.
• Capacity building of farmers for undertaking dairy farming as commercial activity.
• Increase income of dairy farmers through value addition.
• Promoting use of appropriate scientific technology in dairy farming.
• Provision for infrastructure like animal shed, bulk coolers, etc.
• Promotion of dairy farming on a more commercial scale by up-scaling the number of commercial farms.
• Increasing the average cattle farm size with the farmers so as to reduce cost on material inputs.
• Encouraging good functional SHGs to take up dairy farming activity.
• Increase employment opportunities for the rural unemployed youth.
• Individuals living within the operational area of the branch. Preference be given to the Women beneficiaries & the ex-servicemen drawing pension through our Bank; 
• The Farmers, Self Help Groups, Joint Farmers Groups are eligible to avail loan under the Scheme; & 
• The identified beneficiaries should have necessary skill/ training to manage the dairy unit.
Minimum: 18 years at the time of loan application; &
Maximum: 70 years at the time of loan maturity.
Minimum Two to Maximum Ten milch animals.
For Loans upto Rs.4.00 lakh:   10% 
For Loans above Rs.4.00 lakh:   20%
For loans up to Rs.3.00 lakh
Primary: Hypothecation of animals to be purchased and misc. fixed assets.
1. Two third party guarantees of sufficient net means acceptable to the bank.
2. Negative Lien of immovable property (including the shed to be constructed with land underneath) not less than the loan amount 
For loans above Rs.3.00 lakh 
Primary: Hypothecation of animals to be purchased and misc. fixed assets.
1. Guarantee of two persons having sound financial net means, good for loan amount and acceptable to the bank.
2. Mortgage of immovable property (including the shed to be constructed with land underneath) not less than the loan amount.
The repayment period has been fixed as 6 years. The loan will be recovered in 69 equal monthly installments starting after initial gestation period of three months from the purchase of 1st lot of animals.Processing Charges : 0.25% of the Loan Amount * Conditions Apply
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Dairy Scheme
Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) :
Setting up modern dairy farms for production of clean milk.
Encourage heifer calf rearing for conservation and development of good breeding stock.
Up gradation of traditional technology, generate self employment and provide infrastructure.
Subsidy available through NABARD
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